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Lesson 10 is entitled "The Covenant Model: Succession."  The last section of the Covenant Model is entitled succession or continuity and defines the heir of the hierarchy that is appointed and endowed with legal authority to guarantee the continuation of the treaty. Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.       

Lesson 9 is entitled "The Covenant Model:, Part II." Once the covenant is offered to the hierarchy and the terms are outlined, the covenant must be cut or ratified, and this is accomplished during the fourth section of the covenant model.  Covenant sanctions are received by an oath before witnesses Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.     

Lesson 8 is entitled "The Covenant Mode: Sanctions." The fourth section of the covenant model outlines the sanctions of blessings and curses that are tied to covenantal obedience or disobedience, respectively.  This section also addressed the manner in which the covenant is received, which is accepting the terms and the sanctions by taking an oath in the presence of witnesses.  To cut a covenant, all three items - sanctions, oath, and witnesses - are necessary and are addressed in the fourth section of the covenant model. Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.      

Lesson 7 is entitled "The Covenant Model: Ethics- Part II."  The ethics section of the covenant model outlines the stipulations or rules required by the transcendent covenant - giver of the hierarchy covenant steward. Faithfully keeping the covenant rules yields promised covenant results.  Breaking covenant stipulations by unfaithfulness yields loss of promises, if not punishment (Deut. 28). Even our national judicial system is based upon ethics and rewards or punishments.  God has established the link between cause and effect.  God has established an ethical relationship between cause and effect. Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.       

Lesson 6 is entitled "The Covenant Model: Ethics." The third section of the covenant model is called ethics and is built upon the concepts of transcendence and hierarchy.  Covenants are generated by someone who seeks to league with another.  Covenants are received by someone who wants to benefit from the promises and provisions offered by the giver.  To ensure that both parties obtain the benefit that they expect to receive, the terms must be defined.  When each party lives faithfully to the terms, the promised benefits can be exchanged. Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.       

Lesson 5 is entitled "The Covenant Model:, Part 2." Upon consideration of the second section of the covenant model, which is termed Hierarchy, we discover that God appoints His partners.  God places His yoke of service upon those called into His covenant and enacts his will and purposes through these representatives. The covenant yoke is more than a yoke of labor.  It is a yoke of formation.  Through the yoke of hierarchy, God brings his servants to maturity.  Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.         

Lesson 4 is entitled "The Covenant Model: Hierarchy." The second session of the covenant model is entitled Hierarchy. In section one, we identified the transcendent one who was seen to be the giver of the covenant.  In this section, we identify the one to whom the covenant is given.  Along with receiving the status of covenant participant, the hierarchy is yoked with the Sovereign and given the job of stewarding for Him. Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.         

Lesson 3 is entitled "The Covenant Model: Transcendence, Part 2."  The Biblical covenant model contains five sections that define the covenant giver, the steward of the covenant, the covenant terms or rules, the covenant sanctions or rewards, and the future of the covenant.  Section one focuses upon the Transcendent covenant giver, who is the God of Scriptures.  God is not only distinct in nature and being from the rest of the His creation, His authority also stands apart from all other delegated authority. From his position of transcendent authority, God speaks the covenant into existence. Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.         

Lesson 2 is entitled "The Covenant Model: Transcendence."  The structure of the covenant contains five sections: transcendence, hierarchy, ethics, oath (or sanctions), and successions (THEOS).  Man's relationship to God is not that of shared being but is rather a personal relationship best comprehended in the context of covenant. Understanding of the first section of the covenant model - transcendence - introduces man into and sustains man in right relationship with God.  Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.       

Lesson 1 is entitled "The Covenant Model - Part 1." To properly understand the concept of biblical law, the believer must identify the role of law in the context of covenant.  God created man in Adam and then placed man into a covenantal structure.  That original structure found in Eden was reused every time God called another man or even a nation into a covenant with Him.  This section of our School of Biblical Law entitled Covenant and Law will explore the covenant model and look at the Ten Commandments in to context of covenant law.  Please download this PDF and follow along with the teaching.   

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