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Week 10 is entitled “God’s Law in Three Tabernacles."   The study of the tabernacles reveals earthly houses where God’s glory and presence was manifested in the earth.  Close examination discloses the fact that God’s Law was an important aspect in all the tabernacles, which were built under the mandate of God and the pattern He gave.  Every man’s home reflects his ethic; and God’s heavenly and earthly homes demonstrate His ethic, which is the holy standard found within the Law of God.  Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching.  






Week 9 is entitled "God's Testimony in the Ten Commandments #2."  The promise that the New Covenant would give man a new heart (Jer. 31:33, Ez. 11:19-20) does not mean that man will outgrow the need for a codified law but rather that man's nature will again become compliant to God's eternal witness of His throne, His holy nature, and moral standards.   Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching.




Week 8 is entitled "God's Testimony in The 10 Commandments." The Law, which was placed in the Ark of the Covenant that was positioned in the Tabernacle, was a witness to heavenly patterns: Hebrews 8:5 confirms that the Tabernacle, including the Tablets of Testimony that were encased in God's earthly throne, presented a faithful testimony to God's heavenly throne. "They serve as a copy and shadow of the heavenly things. For when Moses was about to erect the tent, he was instructed by God, saying, 'See that you make everything according to the pattern that was shown you on the mountain'." (ESV).   Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching.

Week 7 is entitled "God's Testimony in the Law."  Psalm 19 speaks of two testimonies, which God has made available to mankind.  The first is creation or God's Word speaking through nature.  The second testimony is even more reliable than creation, and that witness is God's Law.  "More to be desired are they than gold . . . moreover by them is thy servant warned and in keeping them there is great reward" (Ps. 19:10-11).   Please download this PDF and follow along during this teaching.



 Week 6 is entitled "God's Testimony in Creation."  The testimony of Creation communicates a sure eduwth.  One can scarcely approach a mountain, stand at the ocean's edge, or gaze into the starry sky without an awareness that whoever created such vast domains must be majestic in nature and powerful in being.  No one can observe the mastery of the beehive or the intricate migratory patterns of the salmon without coming to the conclusion that the Creator is flawless in every minute detail and that nothing escapes his planning and oversight.  All the world is a revelation of God.  And, all men shall stand accountable to that reliable revelation, to that sure eduwth.  Please download this PDF and follow along during this teaching.


Lesson 5 is entitled "God's Testimony to Man."  The Garden of Eden was the first testimony of the unseen realm and of God, Himself; but it was not the only one.  God repeatedly gave humanity a faithful witness in order that man may know God, His ways, and His eternal realm.  The faithful record can be found in the creation, the Tabernacle, and the Law.  "The testimony (witness) of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple"  (Ps. 19:7b). Please download this PDF and follow along during this teaching.



 Lesson Four is entitled "Three Uses of the Law." In the Garden, God was establishing His Kingdom on the earth and appointing His ambassadors to manage His Kingdom.  Every Kingdom has a government, a constitution or charter of organizing principles, citizens, territories or boundaries, assets or raw materials, and laws by which the Kingdom operates.  Please download the PDF for this lesson and follow along during the teaching. 




Lesson Three is entitled “God’s Initial Revelation of Himself.”  Our first introduction to God is that of God as Creator of all.  He chose to place this knowledge of Himself as preeminent and foremost in our thoughts.  It is the most important fact of all human knowledge.  Although implications of God as Creator are immense and multifaceted, we are constrained to recognize that His being cannot be comprehended outside of the context of His role as Law-giver.  Please download the PDF for this lesson and follow along during the teaching.  





 Lesson Two is entitled “God’s Initial Revelation of the Law.” The Tree of Knowledge, which was God’s Law in the Garden, placed a boundary around God’s role as Law-giver and man’s role as keeper of God’s standard of good and evil.  Man was and is forbidden to be an autonomous determiner of the concepts of holy.  Please download the PDF for this lesson and follow along during the teaching. 






Lesson One: Welcome to the School of Biblical Law!  I will be exploring many topics and kicking off with Law and Grace. Join me weekly for new installments on You Tube - be sure to subscribe to my channel!   You can also download this PDF  with the outline for this week's lesson.    






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