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Lesson 18 is entitled, “The Self-Maledictory Oath, Part 1.”  Because all mankind is under the sentence of death and no one is able to merit a right standing with God, God manifests His grace and mercy by way of offering a covenant, which explains the terms upon which God will deal with man.  The covenant is activated when man takes the self-maledictory oath.  Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching. 



 Lesson 17 is entitled, “God's Punishment upon the Law Breaker.”  Although all mankind inherited a fallen nature in Adam, the scriptures verify that God was willing to cut a covenant with those whom He called; thus man could reconnect with God in both relationships and the yoke of labor.  As seen in the five-point covenantal structure, all covenants contain ethics and sanctions. Obedience yields blessings and disobedience releases curses.   Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching.  





 Lesson 16 is entitled, “Condemnation of Death- Part 2.”  In His mercy, God offers mankind an opportunity to work for Him and to walk with Him.  This opportunity comes to us in the form of a covenant and is found in the pages of scripture in two forms:  the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.  Both covenants have laws because section three of the covenant model identifies required ethics.  What happens to man if he cannot keep the ethical code identified in the covenant?  How can man escape the decree of death?  Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching. 



Lesson 15 is entitled, “The Condemnation of Death.”  The revelation of total depravity positions man to acknowledge his need for help that cannot arise from within his own sinful and rebellious being.  “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven” (Mt. 5:3).  A proper understanding of depravity also keeps man from the erroneous belief that he is able to do enough good, law-keeping deeds to merit salvation.  Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching



Lesson 14 is entitled "Continuity and Discontinuity in the Covenants."  Jesus expected the hearers to plug into covenantal history.  He was not introducing an entirely new concept but was transitioning the old order into the new.  The church has been grafted into the tree and root system of God’s historical covenantal people (Rom. 11:16-17).  Proper understanding of the Matthew passages causes the church to carry on the assignment and understand the parts of the old order which are to be maintained and which are to be discarded. Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching. 

Lesson 13 is entitled “Stewardship of the Kingdom.”  Stone Tablets were delivered to Moses during the third month feast, which was known as Pentecost.  The Law was again delivered on the third month feast of Pentecost when the Church was assembled in the upper room, and the Holy Spirit fell on them with cloven tongues of fire.  From stone to fleshly Tablets, from a dead people to living stones, from Moses’ called out to Jesus’ called out, the church was introduced to a better covenant.  But to manage the Kingdom, the church would need the Holy Oracles (Rom. 3:1-2), which had formerly been under the stewardship of Old Israel but were transferred at Pentecost to the New called out – the Church.  Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching. 






Lesson 12 is entitled, “The Tablets of the Law." The Spirit of God enables the heart of the believer to become compliant to the holy standards of God.  The change of heart from rebellion to submission is reflected by loving obedience to the Word of God.  For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous” (I Jn. 5:2-3).  Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching.






Lesson 11 is entitled, "God's Law in Three Tabernacles, Part II."  When the Ark of the Covenant was moved into the Temple of Solomon, the Tablets of Testimony were not removed.  This was a witness that the Law would continue to be pertinent to and would be found inside of the New Testament temple, which is the heart of the believer.  The church is now the container of God’s Tablets of Testimony.  Please download this PDF and follow along during the teaching. 






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