Moving Forward in the New Year

Life is a series of progressive or forward steps. We are constantly called upon to
forsake that which is lesser in order to press into that which is greater. Kindergarten
gives way to grade school; the preoccupation of youth is superseded with the duties of
adulthood; the knowledge gained in training is swallowed up in the wisdom acquired by
We are growing, changing, enlarging. Places that once seemed tailor-made for us
become too small as we outgrow the garment of our current station in life. A parent views
the physical growth of the child, which necessitates the purchasing of a new wardrobe,
as a regular and predictable event in life. The child’s body reflects changes; his mind
encompasses new concepts; his skills enlarge and mature; his potential is released. And,
all this is natural.
Adulthood comes; but it is, by no means, a fixed or stationary thing. Life is too
vast to be comprehended in 21 years. Our capabilities are too numerous to be explored
within the first few decades of living. I vividly recall leaving the family home to go
away to school. My heart was filled with fear as I walked away from the security of
home and hearth. Saying good-bye (even temporarily) to my parents and parting with
my high school friends in order to embrace my future was no easy task. True to life,
moving from my past and pressing on to the new adventure offered me opportunities for
enhancement and for the continuing release of my potential.
I once heard it said that the measure of a man is that he is willing to lay aside the
very things that he loves for a higher cause. However, if we become unwilling to spend
what we have to buy the next valuable stage of development, we may find ourselves
in a stale, stagnant, and retarded state of being. Time is linear, not cyclical. Time and
history move progressively forward. We age toward death. New Year’s Eve celebrates
the closing of a past year while it heralds the opening of the New Year. If we fail to
appreciate this benefit of life, we relive our past and recycle our yesterdays, spiraling
downward into a lack of purpose and destiny.
Whether the past is pleasant or painful and whether the future is bright or hazy,
life moves us onward into this great exploration of a broader place. Sweet memories of
the past remain while destiny and hope looms on the horizon yet to be explored. The
Apostle Paul stated that he was always forgetting what was behind and reaching forward
to what was ahead, while he pursued as his goal the rewards promised by God’s heavenly
calling in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:13-14).
May this New Year find you in passionate pursuit of your destiny, in faith-filled
obedience to heaven’s mandate, and in fearless conquest over every obstacle.

Happy New Year!

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