Tis' the Season to Shop

The Holidays are upon us. Parties are scheduled, decorations adorn homes and
stores, and the shopping has begun. For me, the Christmas “ho-ho” picked up a full head
of steam last week when an advertising flyer came in the mail announcing the “Biggest
Sale of the Year” at one of the major department stores in the mall. Well, who could
resist an ad like that? The store would be opening early and staying open late; prices
would be slashed to the minimum; extra sales clerks would be on duty to help me in my
selections. And, all of this was for my convenience!
My husband and I were off and running bright and early, standing at the mall
entrance waiting for the doors to open. We had our strategy well planned. He would go
to the men’s section to spy out selected items for our sons while I would press through
the masses to the rounder with an extra 50% off the red tag in the women’s department.
What fun! What a challenge! Christmas shopping at it’s finest!
The day unfolded many surprises. Just when we found the style we liked, we
couldn’t find the size. As my eye would spy the perfect color, the lady in front of me
would snatch it up just as my hand reached for it. Ah yes, Christmas shopping – it was
all coming back to me! One rounder had the right size and the right color. I thought that
I had hit the bull’s eye until, upon arriving at the cashier, I discovered that the sale sign
only applied to the opposite side of the rack. Events like that threaten to make your “ho-
ho” lose its luster!
The jackpots were there, however, for the courageous and persevering. I
persevered because I love to shop. I have the ability to come home from a mall dead on
my feet yet still donning a smile on my face. Don’t ask me how that works; it is
probably just a lady thing. My husband, on the other hand, does not approach the mall
from the same point of view as I. His mindset is not an I-love-to-shop paradigm; his
view is I-love-to-conquer! The sportsman/hunter spirit in him endows him with the
ability to seek the prey, gain the advantage, and overcome the obstacles. And, the
quicker the kill, the better the hunt! What a day we had with the bargain bonanzas, one-
of-a-kind finds, and treasured keepsake purchases.
My Christmas list is almost completed. Of course, there are always those last
minute items that will wait until the day before the holiday. I suppose most of us
postpone closing out our shopping list until the deadline is pressing down upon us
because shopping chaos, long lines, and dwindling selections are all part of the holiday
magic which we have come to expect. But, whether we arrive at the finish line early or
late, traditions like shopping make the Christmas season inordinately wonderful.
Merry Christmas

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