Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is upon us.  Stores are stockpiled with turkeys and every ingredient for the traditional meal.  Some families will meet at a relative’s home while others will gather at a local restaurant.  Good friends will join together to feast, and charity organizations will sponsor dinners for those who are without the more traditional places to gather for the holiday.  On almost every level in the United States, people will celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a banquet.

Most of us will overeat and treat ourselves with delicacies that lean toward indulgence.  Most of us will return to the desert table for the second piece of pumpkin pie even though we know we are pressing the boundary of gluttony.  Most of us will gratify our taste buds while ignoring our waistlines.  And all this we will do in the name of Thanksgiving.  

If there was ever a holiday that granted liberty for extravagant eating, Thanksgiving Day qualifies.  Let me justify my reasoning.  The holiday was established to be a day of giving thanks.  No one thanks himself.  Inherent in the idea of bestowing gratitude is the notion that someone has received a gift, an honor, or a blessing from the hand of another.  Intrinsic to gratefulness is the concept that someone has been a beneficiary of a benefactor.  The receiver is thankful to the giver.  The recipient is appreciative because someone has bestowed a grace.

Food is a grace gift from our Providential Creator.  The abundance of the land is the blessing of the Almighty.  An earth that yields treasures yet undiscovered, wealth still untapped, and supplies even now unmeasured was a gift of a Loving Father to His children.  And, we do not take these gifts for granted.  We are grateful.  We acknowledge the goodness of a benevolent God.  

Thanksgiving Day was established to acknowledge the blessing of provision granted from the hand of God.  We feast but not just to eat.  We feast to say that we have much because God has graced us with much.  We enjoy abundance to testify that God has abundantly bestowed gifts upon us.  All the fullness we enjoy has resulted from the fullness of His grace.  We are thankful.  Thanksgiving Day testifies – We are thankful.

We all want the gift we give to be enjoyed.  The common reason to give a gift is to bring pleasure to the one upon whom we bestow the present.  For the recipient to only be slightly pleased, only tenuously partake, or just barely utilize our gift would fall quite short of our goal for giving.  The gifts of God are abundant and extravagant, and we are invited to enjoy them in the same measure He gives them – abundantly and extravagantly!  

Enjoy this Thanksgiving Day.  Enjoy friends and family.  Enjoy food and festivities.  Enjoy the provision that is abundant in your world.  And as you enjoy, be thankful.  Be thankful that God has given gifts from His bounty.  Be thankful because the abundance at Thanksgiving dinner results from a Gracious God.


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