Repairing The Highways of Life

The road a few blocks away from my office, which leads to the city’s downtown
area, has been under construction for well over a year. The state’s department of
transportation had decided to widen Route 159; and, to accomplish that goal, proceeded
to buy business and residential property. In some cases, a few feet of frontage real estate
was purchased. In other cases, whole lots and buildings were acquired. The landscape
has been progressively changing.
Bulldozers have reordered the ground. Valleys and hills have transformed into a
level surface to provide a foundation for the pavement. Every week the traffic had to be
rerouted to accommodate the construction. Often it became difficult to maneuver around
the barricades, through the one-way traffic zones, and along the narrow temporary
roadway. And, invariably, the detours have taken more time and miles than if the route
was not under renovation.
My inconvenience has been minimal compared to those who work or live right on
the road and have had to listen to the heavy equipment or endure the dust that has been
generated due to grading. The days of overhaul have doubtlessly been long and arduous
for the businesses and residents of Highway 159.
Metaphorically speaking, highway reconstruction is a fact of life. The familiar
pathways upon which each of us journey through our lives may, from time to time, need
some renovation. Whether our lives are directly or indirectly affected by the make over,
all those who travel the road will be forced to adjust, accommodate, and patiently endure
until the new and improved appears.
Because of the disruption and discord created by alteration, builders must
determine if the end result is of a higher good than the temporary inconvenience. If
they deem the project worthwhile, destruction commences. Before the new can emerge,
the old must be torn down. I am pretty sure that nobody enjoys the time of tearing
down, uprooting, overthrowing, and demolishing. Somehow, we believe that even a
bad pathway is better than having our lives torn apart. As soon as one of life’s many
bulldozers tear up a portion of our well-trodden road, we hustle about to patch and repair.
But if the time comes when the ripping up occurs faster than our repairs, we are forced to
consider that perhaps the hand of providence is preparing a new road of destiny.
Times of de-construction will impose upon us the necessity of finding a new route
to get to where we want to go. We will most definitely be inconvenienced. Our patience
may be stretched to its limits. In seasons like these, we must allow those who are
knowledgeable in rebuilding the waste places to apply their special craftsmanship to our
lives. Somewhere is a counselor who has a blueprint. Nearby is a friend who can help
lay a sure foundation. Standing ready to assist is a loved one who can envision our new
worlds and who will encourage our faith and perseverance. And, just a prayer away, is
the Heavenly Father who delights in sending His favor to those who call upon Him.
Much of the deconstruction phase of 159 has ended and the road is well into
reconstruction. From what I can see, the new is much better than the old. Soon, traffic
will again be flowing. Those who live on the route will be forever grateful for the
repairs. Those who travel the street will enjoy the wider roads and safer passage. May
all the highways of our lives be repaired until the same testimony can be spoken about us!

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