Remembering Childlike Faith and Trust

The grandbabies rushed into my house. We had planned the event for several
weeks, and the day had finally arrived. The three children entered with clothing-packed
suitcases and imagination-loaded expectations for an ‘overnighter’ at Nana’s house.
The first hour was a little frantic as each child flitted from game to game, as
though they were concerned that there may be insufficient time to experience all the fun.
Then, each child found the ‘it.’ Now, the ‘it’ was different for each grandbaby. My
grandson opened the Lego set and began to build an adventure that continued to develop
for the next twenty-four hours. Several blankets and the kitchen table created a tent-
world for my granddaughter in which she played homemaker, chief cook, and bottle
washer for two Cabbage Patch baby dolls. The baby found four puzzles that were just
the right level of difficulty for her age. She set out to perfect her skills of problem
solving and was insistent that she could do it all by herself.
None of the children knew what the next minute in their make-believe worlds
would hold. That did not seem to disturb them. They were not concerned about the woes
that lurked around the corner or the obstacles that threatened their success. No challenge
mystified them. No one had marred their self-images with words like failure,
incompetent, or inadequate. Nothing hampered them. Their imaginary worlds seemed
without limitation, and their abilities seemed boundless.
They did not worry if food would be provided. I prepared supper. They did not
fret about what they would wear. Their mother had packed their pajamas. They did not
agonize over where they would lay their heads. I turned down the bed and secured all
necessary linens. They lived in the moment and loved every minute of the moment in
which they lived.
As for me, I was transported into the carefree life of a child. I enjoyed the
uncomplicated, thrilled at the insignificant, and rejoiced over the unimportant. I was not
worried about what someone who was sophisticated would think if they saw me or about
what another who was educated might think if they heard me. I laughed at the ridiculous
and lived without pretense. For a brief moment in time, I recalled the freedom of a child-
like heart.
The overnight ended; my daughter picked up the grandbabies; and the promise
was made that we would do it again. Their presence may have departed; but they left
behind their mark. Of course, there was the memory of time spent with the
grandchildren; but beyond that, I had been touched by the carefree innocence of
The scriptures admonish us to be like children in certain aspects of faith. We are
told not to be burdened by anxious concern for food, clothing, or housing; because our
Heavenly Father will provide for us. He promises providential and loving care. Adult
life with all its memories of past-day difficulties, challenges to present-day successes,
and preparations for future-day securities can dull the sound of the child’s heart beating
within and silence the voice of faith found in God’s word. Perhaps an ‘overnighter’ with
the grandbabies was just what this Nana needed to rebalance my adult reality with a
reminder of childlike faith.

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