Giving Honor to our Nation's Capitol

The dome of the U.S. Capitol Building loomed high into the night sky. Its
massive, well-lighted structure commanded the attention of everyone who passed by as if
it was claiming dominion over the land, the sky, and every other building on the Hill.
The sight was awe-inspiring. I stopped in front of the Supreme Court to gaze at the
Capitol from that point of view. I stood there cognizant of the fact that before me was
the building where the most powerful legislative body in the whole world convened and
behind me was the Hall of Justice where the most authoritative court of all nations was
housed. WOW!
I have just completed a weekend of ministry and seeing sights in our nation’s
capitol. My entire visit to the D.C. area was comprised of a series of moments similar to
the one just described. I toured the State Department where I viewed furnishings,
paintings, and collections that originated in colonial America and belonged to some of
our most famous patriots. The White House tour brought tears to my eyes on several
occasions. The Red Room, the Green Room, and The Grand Dining Hall, which are used
to greet and entertain international dignitaries, were open for viewing. The grandeur,
opulence, and dignity of the décor were fitting for a presidential dwelling.
The whole atmosphere of the city commands honor. Honor, at least in its biblical
meaning, is the praise or respect due because of the weight of the person or thing
receiving the honor. The idea of weight arises from the accumulated effect of knowledge
and wisdom, achievements and awards, rank and title, affluence and influence, or other
such earned or inherited places in life. From the architecture of the buildings to the
business conducted within the buildings, Washington D.C. proclaims its weightiness and
commands its honor.
As I was in the city to attend a religious convention, perhaps I was in a more
reverential frame of mind than the average tourist would be. I found myself reflecting on
the great wisdom of the constitutional framers who laid the foundation of our freedoms,
the sacrifices of all branches of the military who have fought to guarantee and protect
those liberties, and the many nationalists who have served in elected offices to govern
and guide the outworking of that independence.
Political rhetoric, social ills, and partisan issues are so often the focus of the
media and social intercourse that I find it is easy to lose sight of the honor due our nation.
My heart was stirred. My allegiance was renewed. My prayers were refueled. Our
citizens and our future generations need our nation to maintain her honor by the same
noble means that she first attained it. May great leaders arise with integrity of heart and
righteousness of purpose to insure that our nation remains one nation under God with
liberty and justice for all. God bless America!

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