Viewing the Mountains on our Dream Trip

How big is the earth? How massive is the terrain, immense the oceans, enormous
the mountains? Who can capture its beauty in a painting, encapsulate its grandeur in a
photo, or communicate its splendor in a song? What could man build that would equal
the intelligence, mastery, or perfection of design woven into the creation? Everything
about this earth testifies to a Creator whose brilliance and ability evokes awe from those
who view the handiwork of the Lord.

Last week my husband and I set out on a month-long, ministry plus sight-seeing
journey to the West Coast. We decided to travel northwest to the state of Washington,
trek down the coast of California, and then return home via the southern states. We
pulled a map of our nation, set a plan for the points of interest we wanted to see, and
communicated with nine churches. After all details were confirmed, our dream trip

Not long after we departed home, the flat plains of Illinois gave way to rolling
hills and rich farmland in Missouri and Nebraska. As we drove into South Dakota, the
topography of the land changed even more dramatically, especially when we approached
the famous mountainous crags of the Bad Lands.
Upon entering the next state, Wyoming, we arrived at the Rocky Mountains.
More mountains! Amazing mountains! Peaks jutting skyward, elevations approaching
10,000 feet above sea level, and rock face cliffs stretching into the clouds all testified
of splendor and strength. Canyons carved along the mountain sides; ravines notched
through impenetrable rock; gorges scored into sheer boulders all revealed grandeur and
greatness. Breathtaking! Awe-inspiring!

On our third day out, we entered into Yellowstone Park. Added wonders!
Rivers, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, mammoth caves, along with more spectacular
mountains surprised and enamored us. For several consecutive days, we drove the terrain
and experienced the beauty of creation. We saw many animals, climbed cliffs, waded
through trout streams. Our emotions swung like a pendulum from childlike excitement
to solemn reflection as we viewed things too wonderful to describe.
Although I have viewed most of these natural wonders at other times in my life, I
never cease to be impacted. If that which is created engenders adoration, how should not
the Creator, Himself, merit reverence? He that made these wonders for our enjoyment
and His glory deserves our appreciation of His works and His being.
The prophet Isaiah, considering the mountains and speaking about the wisdom
and omnipotence of God, declared: “Who else knows the weight of all the earth and
weighs the mountains and the hills?” (Isaiah 40:12b) Moses pondered the mountains and
the preeminence of God by proclaiming, “Before the mountains were brought forth, or
even before you formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting,
you are God.”

How big is the earth? How massive are the mountains? They are not too big for
God to measure yet they are too grand for mankind to comprehend. They do not outdate
the Creator but they endure throughout the generations. They do not match the glory of
their Maker but they display His glory in the earth.

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