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As 2017 begins, I am thrilled to announce the opening of a new non-profit organization entitled East Gate Reformation Training Institute.  This 501-C3 organization will provide the government-recognized Apostolic covering for several outreaches of my ministry.  I wanted to tell you about these exciting changes and to invite you to partner with me in these new endeavors.

What is East Gate Reformation Training Institute?

East Gate R.T.I. is an apostolic training center focused upon raising up believers who have a biblical worldview and who can address cultural issues from that well-defined worldview.  To facilitate that goal, R.T.I will:

1.  Host monthly training classes on the fourth weekend of each month for 8 consecutive months of February through September that will be available live and also on a video conference format

2.  Offer certification each year for completion of the 8-month course of study

3.  Convene a yearly conference

4.  Seek to provide internships for graduates of the R.T.I. in business, civil, and church spheres of the culture

What about Patti Amsden Ministries

Patti Amsden Ministries, under the covering of East Gate R.T.I., will continue offering the same ministry platforms that have been available over the past years.

What does East Gate R.T.I. mean to you?

I am asking you to consider partnering with me in this new endeavor.  In order to facilitate the Institute, build curriculum, purchase equipment for production and broadcasting, and enlarge my office help, I will need increased funding as well as increased prayer covering.  Would you consider helping me with this new and exciting adventure?

1.  Partners will receive free monthly audio downloads containing an hour-long teaching from me.

2.  Partners will have early access and discounts for all new books and teaching materials.

3.  Partners will be invited to attend a monthly on-line Q & A session with me..

To partake of the above listed benefits, all you need to do is make the decision to partner with me.  Please make this request a matter of prayerful consideration.  To begin your partnership, click here to choose your monthly donation amount!

Become a partner today!!

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